a paradise on Earth

If there is a paradise on Earth, the lodge accommodation is located there. Over 550 acres of a country club land development surrounded by the most pure and pristine natural environment.


All the comfort and service you need to enjoy a unique fly fishing adventure

Really, this is a place that can exceed the expectations of the most demanding fishermen.

The food is prepared by a professional chef who will offer you a gourmet tour to taste the most typical Argentine dishes. Of course, wines are not an exception and are selected to couple each dish.

Experience the thrill to play golf at a Jack Nicklaus course.


At Chapleclo Lodge you can combine the  excitement of the best fly fishing in Patagonia with the pleasure to play golf in a Jack Nicklaus 18 holes golf course sorrounded by  breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains.

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Relax at the Country Club Spa


After an adventurous fly fishing day, at Chapleco Lodge you can relax at Spa enjoying  the jacuzzi, vapor bath, masseuse and a spectacular swimmingpool.

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South Pioneers

Ramiro de las Carreras

US Phone

210 767 3383

Whatsapp – emergency phone

549 11 5376 2524


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